Book a Fly Fishing Trip on the St. Croix River!

Trips are not just geared towards catching fish, but also providing quality instruction to all levels of anglers.

Trip Rates

Full Day

8 hours
  • Full Day – at least 8 hours on the water
  • Lunch and Tackle provided
  • Jet Boat
  • 2 anglers per boat

Half Day

4 1/2 hours
  • Half Day – 4-5 hours on the water
  • Tackle provided
  • Jet Boat
  • 2 anglers per boat

We also strive to provide something unique to our clients. And one aspect that stands out from the rest is our means of fishing the river.

“A jet outboard powered jon boat will take you up river in merely a few inches of water! No need for a shuttle, then float back down river while I row the boat quietly in pursuit of smallmouth bass, northern pike, musky, walleye, and various other species of fish willing to take a fly or piece of hardware.” – Ike Miller

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 Trip Details

  • Our main river rig is a jet outboard power drifter that is very accommodating to two anglers. There is a major advantage with these style of boats. With the motor there is no need to shuttle vehicles and we can power through sections of water that aren’t producing and spend time on prime water. As were are fishing, the boat is rowed just like a drift boat.
  • You’ll enjoy some very scenic areas when you book a trip on the St. Croix.  Being a  National Scenic Riverway  you will not see any shoreline development, and will not see many other fisherman the entire day. There is much less fishing pressure on the rivers as compared to the local lakes.
  • Trips are intended for the beginner and experienced anglers alike. Trips are not just intended to get you keyed in on fish, but also to provide you with the knowledge to do so.
  • All flies will be provided by guides, but feel free to bring your own if you prefer. We will provide a fly for every situation, from top to bottom.


What kind of fishing license do I need?

  • You will be required to have either a Minnesota or Wisconsin State Fishing License, which can be purchased online.

What should I bring?

  • Fly rods in the six-ten weight class are perfect for what we pursue. Small class bass outfits for spinning gear will do perfect for tackling smallmouth and even muskies!
  • Rain gear is carried on board. It is recommended that you bring a hat for those sunny days. A pair of sunglasses, polarized or not, is a must to protect your eyes while fishing.
  • Sunblock and insect repellent is recommended, even though once on the water bugs are rarely an nuisance. I will have spare sunblock and bug repellent just in case.

How long are the trips?

  • Full Day trips are typically 8 hours long, but in those cases were fishing is phenomenal  the trips can tend to last longer if wanted.
  • Half Day Trips will last 4.5 hrs. However, if you would like the trip can be extended, if time available, per the additional cost of four hours.
  • After Work Specials will last typically 4.5 hours, but depending on when you get off work and get to the river.

What kind of trips do you offer?

  • Guided fly fishing and light tackle instruction for smallmouth bass, musky, and walleye.
  • Most of our services are provided on the Upper St. Croix River between St. Croix Falls and Danbury.
  • In some cases the St. Croix is flowing too high, we can jump to many different small lakes in pursuit of a quality fishing experience.
  • Don’t want to fish, then a fun float trip can be arranged. Swimming, birding, and relaxing on the St. Croix is top notch as well.
  • If you prefer the quieter waters of a lake, there are many local lakes teaming with willing fish. Sometimes the lakes can be a top producer over the river, especially during the early season.

Multi-Species Fishing

Now the beauty of the St. Croix and surrounding waters is that there is a multitude of species to be had. From Musky to Smallmouth Buffalo there is a limitless array of tactics and situations that are available to an angler. Within the St. Croix there are your classically pursued fish including: smallmouth bass, large mouth bass, walleye, norther pike, and musky.

Smallmouth Bass
Smallmouth Bass will make up the bulk of the fish caught in a season. Brutes, bulldogs, acrobats are just a few common adjectives used to describe these powerful swimmers.  Whether you prefer fly fishing smallmouth bass or using spinning gear these guys will not let you down, but they may test your equipment’s ability to withstand punishment.

Largemouth Bass: Bucket mouth to those from the south, including me, are notorious for eating items seemingly impossible for them to swallow. Not as common as their cousins in the St. Croix, but in the quieter sections of the river be ready for the potential of a hefty surprise!

Walleye: One of the most sought after fish in the north. And yes, the St. Croix is loaded with them. Early in the year these guys can be easily caught when they are staging in large runs. Small streamers and rapalas twitched and ran through can bring rod jarring strikes from Mr. Walleye.  As the season progresses walleye can become harder to find,  but any shallow rocky run or piece of fallen timber is worth checking out. Fly fishing for walleye? Yes, they can be had on a fly rod and are certainly worth chasing with a fly!

Northern Pike: If the fishing gods ever gave man a fish worth tackling, it would have to be the pike. Formidable mouthful of razors, long powerful body, and a temper that would make Hates shake in his boots makes this top dog a Fin Worth Chasing.   Pike in the St. Croix can be found almost anywhere, which presents the angler with a chance to catch a potential large quarry fly fishing or with spin gear.  Most Northern Pike in the St. Croix are what we call “snakes” two to five pound class. But, the opportunity to catch fish in the 8 to 15 pound range is not out of the question! That is why at Chasing Fins,  we fish light bite leaders in any pursuit of game; you never know when a hefty pike might feel your lure needs to be destroyed.

Musky: Besides the Walleye, Musky are the second most prized fish of the North. Bigger, smarter, and definitely top dog in the neighborhood, these guys will test your angling abilities and your equipment. Musky are known commonly to reach 30lbs, but specimens reaching 50inches and 4olbs are not that unheard of. And, in relation to most of the lakes in the area there is a healthy population of musky lurking in the St. Croix!